Corcoran College of Art and Design

Botanical Art and Illustration

Certificate Program

10 credits of required courses and 5 credits of elective courses (15 credits total)


The Corcoran College of Art + Design, in partnership with the United States Botanic Garden, is proud to offer a certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration. This program provides an in-depth focus on the traditions, techniques, and history of botanical art and illustration. Students have the opportunity to study contemporary concepts and materials, and to integrate this knowledge into the well-established and highly regarded field of botanical art and illustration.

Beginning foundation courses emphasize the accurate and detailed depiction of botanical forms. Electives courses, such as watercolor, oil painting, clay, and photography, will broaden each student’s experience and knowledge. Courses are taught at the Corcoran’s Georgetown campus and the United States Botanic Garden.

Seven (7) required courses for a total of 10 credits:

Any combination of elective courses for a total of 5 credits may be chosen from the following:

Students who began the Botanical Art and Illustration certificate program before August 1, 2012 should email regarding the requirements to complete their certificate program.

Updated October 2013