Corcoran College of Art and Design

April Courses

Drawing Cherry Blossoms

No sections available this semester

BG1214 (0.5 credits)
Explore the beauty, subtle color, and form of one of Washington, DC's greatest treasures, the cherry blossom

Figure Drawing Short Course

No sections available this semester

DR0835 (non-credit)
Students learn to capture the human form with quick gestures, develop a quality of line with contours, and become familiar with proportions by measuring and foreshortening.

Color in Interiors

No sections available this semester

ID0850 (non-credit)
Students learn the fundamentals of color application, as well as the skills necessary to refine their design strategy as their needs change.

Digital Photography Basics

No sections available this semester

PH0899 (non-credit)
This course is designed for digital camera newcomers who want to develop photographic skills, enhance pictures on the computer, and make digital prints.

The Art of Relief Print

No sections available this semester

PR0841 (non-credit)
Students carve their own linoleum or wood blocks by hand, learn printing basics and ink conditioning techniques, and begin to investigate color processes.

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Important Dates

June 30
Summer Session I (5 Weeks) ends

June 23
Priority registration deadline for summer session II classes.

July 7
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) begins

July 10
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) 
and Full Summer Session ends (10 Weeks)