Corcoran College of Art and Design

October Courses

Medieval Illumination

No sections available this semester

BG2600 (1.0 credits)
This workshop is an historical overview of the egg tempera and 24k gold leaf technique utilized by manuscript artists from the 4th to the 14th century.

The Food Photography Workshop

No sections available this semester

PH0822 (non-credit)
This workshop introduces the non-professional photographer to the techniques and equipment necessary to photograph food.

Photographing Your Artwork

No sections available this semester

PH0921 (non-credit)
This short course introduces Pre-College and adult students to the basics of photographing their own artwork for portfolio purposes.

Stone Carving Short Course

No sections available this semester

SL0941 (non-credit)
Students explore abstract and objective forms while learning direct carving in stone.

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Important Dates

April 1
Pre-College summer scholarship application deadline

April 30
Pre-College students are advised to register early for best program and elective options.

April 19-20

Easter Weekend
(College Closed)

April 25
Corcoran Ball
(Access to the Downtown Campus may be limited)

May 3
Georgetown Campus Open House