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Special Topics in Botanical Art: Drawing the Tropics

BG1600 (1.0 credits)
Inspired by the U.S. Botanic Garden’s exciting summer 2013 exhibit Food for Thought this class will teach the basics of botanical drawing and painting while studying edible plants from different regions.

A Week of Photoshop

DM0815 (non-credit)
Meeting five half days in a row, students will learn how to scan and import images and artwork and how to correct and adjust image tone and color. (Summer only)

Web Design for Professionals

DM0841 (non-credit)
Explore the basics of modern web development in this professional development workshop.

After Effects Short Course

DM0861 (non-credit)
Learn to use AfterEffects to make animations and motion graphics, as well as edit footage into films.

A Week of Illustrator

DM0865 (non-credit)
Meeting five days in a row, students will learn how to create and modify basic drawings and type in Adobe Illustrator.

The Art of Storyboards Short Course

DR0980 (non-credit)
Learn how to translate a script into a compelling visual tale.

In My Home

ID0860 (non-credit)
For the aspiring non-professional, this course focuses on the basic elements of interior design.

Making Monotypes and Monoprints

PR0846 (non-credit)
Learn a variety of mixed-media techniques for image making using a printing press.

Landscape Drawing and Painting

PT0860 (non-credit)
Students of all levels will have the opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen their artist's eye in articulating forms in the landscape.

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Important Dates

April 1
Pre-College summer scholarship application deadline

April 30
Pre-College students are advised to register early for best program and elective options.

April 19-20

Easter Weekend
(College Closed)

April 25
Corcoran Ball
(Access to the Downtown Campus may be limited)

May 3
Georgetown Campus Open House