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Spring 2014 Courses + Botanical Art and Illustration

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Drawing Cherry Blossoms

No sections available this semester

BG1214 (0.5 credits)
Explore the beauty, subtle color, and form of one of Washington, DC's greatest treasures, the cherry blossom

Plants and the Fibonacci Sequence

No sections available this semester

BG2100 (0.5 credits)
Develop your artistic eye and drawing skill by exploring plants’ mathematical and geometric patterns.

Gouache and Watercolor on Vellum

No sections available this semester

BG2300 (0.5 credits)
Explore working with the beautiful grain and luminesce quality of vellum (animal skin) that has been a preferred support for artists since antiquity.

Botanical Printmaking

No sections available this semester

PR2460 (1.5 credits or audit)
Designed for the botanical illustrator, this course will cover a range of introductory techniques in etching, relief, and lithographic print processes.

Introduction to Botanical Painting in Watercolor

PT1400 (1.5 credits or audit)
Students learn the techniques of transparent watercolor using live plant material.

Intermediate Botanical Painting in Watercolor

PT2400 (1.5 credits or audit)
Students learn to apply paint and render precise characteristics of specific plants, paying close attention to form, detail, and color accuracy.

Plant Portraits in Oil

No sections available this semester

PT3400 (1.5 credits or audit)
Combining the tradition of Dutch flower painting with botanical illustration, learn to turn botanical drawings into elegant oil paintings.