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Spring 2014 Courses + Drawing

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The Touchscreen Artist: Sketching in the Gallery

No sections available this semester

PT0821 (non-credit)
Explore using your iPad or other touch-screen device, to digitally draw and paint directly from the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s permanent collection.

Figure Drawing Short Course

DR0835 (non-credit)
Students learn to capture the human form with quick gestures, develop a quality of line with contours, and become familiar with proportions by measuring and foreshortening.

Drawing the District - a Sketchbook Course

DR0925 (non-credit)
This class is designed to improve the observational drawing skills of beginners and more advanced students utilizing a variety of media (pencils, ink, watercolor, pen) while developing a regular sketchbook practice.

Introduction to Drawing

DR1200 (1.5 credits or audit)
For students seeking to improve their drawing skills, this course emphasizes gesture, line, proportion, perspective, mass, volume, value, tone, and shading.

I've Never Held a Pencil: Drawing for Beginners

No sections available this semester

DR1210 (1.5 credits or audit)
This course is for the true beginner--the person who has always wanted to draw, but has never taken a drawing course.

Academic Drawing: Still Life, Portrait and the Figure

No sections available this semester

DR1220 (1.5 credits or audit)
Students explore the traditional methods of studying drawing used by the European art academies, with a focus on the relationships between form and tonal values.

Intermediate Drawing

DR2200 (1.5 credits or audit)
Students develop their drawing skills and explore a wider range of materials related to drawing through still life, landscape, and the model.

Advanced Drawing & Painting

No sections available this semester

DR3245 (1.5 credits or audit)
Representational and abstract works are encouraged and will be critiqued in this course.

Intermediate Drawing

No sections available this semester

FA2200 (3.0 credits or audit)
This undergraduate course expands on the concept of drawing to include a wide variety of conventional and unconventional materials and techniques.

Digital Art I for Fine Art & Photography

No sections available this semester

FA2305 (3.0 credits or audit)
Students explore the capabilities of powerful programs to manipulate, aggregate and translate digital images and video footage.