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Spring 2014 Courses + Graphic Design

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Digital Media Culture

No sections available this semester

AH3065 (3.0 credits)
Focusing on both contemporary and obsolete technologies and mediums, this course covers the impact of the digital revolution on culture, business, and the individual.

Business Communications for Design

No sections available this semester

AS4200 (3.0 credits)
This course focuses on building business communication skills and materials necessary for success in the field of design.

Design Studio I

No sections available this semester

GD2000 (3.0 credits or audit)
This course covers design principles such as Visual Hierarchy, Principles of Composition, and Semantics.

Typography I

No sections available this semester

GD2050 (3.0 credits or audit)
Students are introduced to one of the most integral components of visual communication—typefaces and their letter-forms.

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Important Dates

June 30
Summer Session I (5 Weeks) ends

June 23
Priority registration deadline for summer session II classes.

July 7
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) begins

July 10
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) 
and Full Summer Session ends (10 Weeks)