Corcoran College of Art and Design

Summer Courses + Digital Media Design

The Art of Storyboards Short Course

DR0980 (non-credit)
Learn how to translate a script into a compelling visual tale.

A Week of Photoshop

DM0815 (non-credit)
Meeting five half days in a row, students will learn how to scan and import images and artwork and how to correct and adjust image tone and color. (Summer only)

Web Design for Professionals

DM0841 (non-credit)
Explore the basics of modern web development in this professional development workshop.

After Effects Short Course

DM0861 (non-credit)
Learn to use AfterEffects to make animations and motion graphics, as well as edit footage into films.

A Week of Illustrator

DM0865 (non-credit)
Meeting five days in a row, students will learn how to create and modify basic drawings and type in Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Design I

DM1200 (3.0 credits or audit)
This course introduces students to Adobe Creative Suite and is the pre-requisite for most Digital Media and Graphic Design courses at the Corcoran.

Digital Design Fundamentals

DM1201 (1.5 credits)
This course introduces the fundamentals of digital design using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop as professional design tools.

Web Design Fundamentals

DM1241 (1.5 credits)
Learn the technical and design fundamentals of creating a basic website.

Introduction to VectorWorks

DM1500 (1.5 credits)
Learn the industry-standard CAD software for Exhibition Design, Theater Design, Landscape Design.

Screenprinting for Digital Media

No sections available this semester

PR3311 (1.5 credits or audit)
Learn how to produce limited-edition fine art prints and/or posters using traditional printmaking processes and digital techniques. (Undergraduate)