Corcoran College of Art and Design

Summer Courses + Drawing

Special Topics in Botanical Art: Drawing the Tropics

BG1600 (1.0 credits)
Inspired by the U.S. Botanic Garden’s exciting summer 2013 exhibit Food for Thought this class will teach the basics of botanical drawing and painting while studying edible plants from different regions.

Academic Drawing Workshop

DR0810 (non-credit)
Students explore the traditional methods of studying drawing used by the European art academies, and focus on the relationships between form and tonal values.

Figure Drawing Short Course

DR0835 (non-credit)
Students learn to capture the human form with quick gestures, develop a quality of line with contours, and become familiar with proportions by measuring and foreshortening.

Drawing the District - a Sketchbook Course

DR0925 (non-credit)
This class is designed to improve the observational drawing skills of beginners and more advanced students utilizing a variety of media (pencils, ink, watercolor, pen) while developing a regular sketchbook practice.

The Art of Storyboards Short Course

DR0980 (non-credit)
Learn how to translate a script into a compelling visual tale.

Introduction to Drawing

DR1200 (1.5 credits or audit)
For students seeking to improve their drawing skills, this course emphasizes gesture, line, proportion, perspective, mass, volume, value, tone, and shading.

Intermediate Drawing

DR2200 (1.5 credits or audit)
Students develop their drawing skills and explore a wider range of materials related to drawing through still life, landscape, and the model.

Landscape Drawing and Painting

PT0860 (non-credit)
Students of all levels will have the opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen their artist's eye in articulating forms in the landscape.