Corcoran College of Art and Design

Summer Courses + Graphic Design

The Art of Storyboards Short Course

DR0980 (non-credit)
Learn how to translate a script into a compelling visual tale.

Principles of Graphic Design

GD1011 (1.5 credits)
This course introduces the principles of good graphic design and provides students with a foundation for further studies and professional design work.

Screenprinting for Digital Media

No sections available this semester

PR3311 (1.5 credits or audit)
Learn how to produce limited-edition fine art prints and/or posters using traditional printmaking processes and digital techniques. (Undergraduate)

Letterpress: Text & Image

PR3401 (1.5 credits or audit)
Explore the history of printed text and letterpress printing, starting with hand-set lead and wood type and ending with 'modern letterpress', and computer-aided text.