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Summer Courses + Photography & Video

Portraiture Workshop

No sections available this semester

PH0820 (non-credit)
This workshop will focus on the mechanisms of portraiture photography, covering subject, lighting, locations, etc.

Playing with Photography: Toy Cameras

No sections available this semester

PH0821 (non-credit)
Explore the challenges and rewards of toy camera photography!

The iPhone Photographer

No sections available this semester

PH0823 (non-credit)
Explores the potential of the camera feature of the iPhone TM to take and edit photos without using a computer.

Digital Photography Basics

No sections available this semester

PH0899 (non-credit)
This course is designed for digital camera newcomers who want to develop photographic skills, enhance pictures on the computer, and make digital prints.

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Important Dates

June 30
Summer Session I (5 Weeks) ends

June 23
Priority registration deadline for summer session II classes.

July 7
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) begins

July 10
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) 
and Full Summer Session ends (10 Weeks)