Corcoran College of Art and Design

Fall & Spring Pre-College Classes

Our individual fall and spring Pre-College classes are designed to prepare high school juniors and seniors, 16-18 years old, for success in the Corcoran’s Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree programs.

Spring 2014

Portfolio Development:
PD1610: Figure Painting (Sunday mornings)
PD1660: Ceramics: Idea to Form (Saturday mornings)
PH0921: Photographing Your Artwork (Sunday mornings)

Fall 2013

Portfolio Development:
PD1632: Drawing with a Personal Perspective (Sunday mornings)
PD1660: Ceramics: Idea to Form (Saturday mornings)


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Important Dates

June 30
Summer Session I (5 Weeks) ends

June 23
Priority registration deadline for summer session II classes.

July 7
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) begins

July 10
Summer Session II (5 Weeks) 
and Full Summer Session ends (10 Weeks)