Corcoran College of Art and Design



A limited number of full- and partial-tuition scholarships are available for students on a merit basis.


All scholarship materials must be received no later than April 1. Your scholarship application is not complete until the recommendation form has been received. The scholarship committee will not consider incomplete applications, so we suggest that you follow up with your art teacher to ensure the recommendation is submitted in a timely fashion.


Before applying, please read both our FAQs carefully. You will need to have the following materials in order to complete the scholarship application:
1. An essay of 300–500 words describing your prior art studies, what you hope to gain from the Corcoran’s Pre-College program. Save your essay as a MS word or PDF file.

2. Five digital images (no more, no less, please) of work from your portfolio, including one self-portrait and four pieces of your best work. The files should be formatted as a pdf, jpg, jpeg or gif and should be 300-500 kb.

3. Students applying for scholarships on the basis of "merit and need", must provide a letter from a parent or guardian explaining the family’s financial circumstances.

4. A recommendation form from your current art teacher. You will need to provide your current art teacher’s name and email address, as well as the URL for your school’s website. We will contact your art teacher by email with instructions regarding how to complete an online recommendation for you.


Following the application deadline, the Pre-College Scholarship Committee meets to review the applications and recommends scholarship recipients. An email is sent to each scholarship recipients are notified between May 2 and June 3. All applicants will be notified regarding the status of their application by June 3, 2014.


Click here to access the online application.